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The Wildlife in Peninsula Valdes The Mountain Lakes in Bariloche The Culture and Comforts of Buenos Aires The Quietude of Colonia in Uruguay The Wines and Andes of Mendoza The Majesty of the Igauzu Falls The Virgin Salta Province The Perito Moreno Glacier of El Calafate in Patagonia The end of the world in Ushuaia Map of Argentina Visas: Most foreigners do not need visas and receive free renewable 90-day tourist stamps upon arrival.

Time: Eastern Standard Time(EST) plus one or two hours; Argentina does not observe daylight-saving time.

Weights & Measures: Distances and measures are usually metric, but rural areas may use the "legua" (league, about 5 km).
Weights are measured in kilograms (1kg = 2.2 pounds).

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz. Argentina uses the European two prong and the Australian slanted plugs on most wall electrical outlets.

Taxes: The sales tax, known as IVA, is 21%. When reserving a hotel, that tax is sometimes not mentioned, so double-check the final price before you book.

New Entrance Tax:
Starting December 2009, Argentina will now charge a new entrance tax for all visitors holding passports from United States, Canada, and Australia. The total tax will be equivalent to the one that Argentines pay to get their visa to travel to these respective countries. The tax is a one-time fee and can be paid in US Dollars or Argentine Pesos at Ezeiza Internation Airport in Buenos Aires.
The tax amounts per country are:
United States - $131 USD
Canada - $70 USD
Australia - $100 USD

Telephones: The country code for Argentina is 54. Every region has its own area code with Buenos Aires mainly using the '11' area code, and sometimes the '15' area code for cell phones.

Cellular Telephones: Many locals have mobile phones in Argentina and a few companies rent out cell phones for short-term use. If you have a tri-band world phone it will work in Buenos Aires and most parts of Argentina.

Holidays observed in Argentina
January 1: New Year's Day
March or April: Good Friday, Easter
May 1: Labour Day
May 25: Anniversary of the First National Government
June 20: Day of the Flag
July 9: Independence Day
August 17: Anniversary of the Death of General Jose de San Martin
October 12: Christopher Columbus Day
December 25: Christmas Day

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