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Bus travel is a very attractive transportation alternative when traveling in Argentina. Not only is travel by bus more cost effective and easier than travel by car, but offering some fantastic views of passing scenery, it allows for some excellent sight-seeing opportunities. Bus travel in Argentina is considerably more comfortable than we are accustomed to, some long-distance trips offering meal service and other amenities.A range of bus routes and services are available all over Argentina.

Interurban Buses (Omnibus)
Argentina has a very expansive interurban bus system that allows travelers access to all of the provinces within the Argentina as well as access to bordering countries. Two types of service exist, common and differential. Common service is cheaper. Buses are somewhat uncomfortable, seat availability is not guaranteed, and heat or air conditioning is not always included. Differential service, in contrast, is slightly more expensive but offers many more amenities. Seats recline and many turn into beds, heating and air conditioning is included, and a mini bar, snack service, and travel staff are provided for a more comfortable journey. Numerous bus companies operate throughout the whole country, but they are all regulated in the Buenos Aires Terminal according to their destination. Bus tickets can be purchased at this location or through an specialized Argentina travel agency.

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Further Argentine Bus Service Information:
To find further information about the Argentine bus system along with schedules and routes enquire at the main bus terminal: Estacion Terminal de Omnibus
Antartida Argentina and Calle 10, Buenos Aires
Phone: 11/4310-0700

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