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Internal Argentina Flight, Aerolineas Argentinas Many cities in the world now offer regular flights to Argentina. Once in Argentina, a multitude of crossing points connect Argentina with neighboring Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile. Over-land travel to Chile involves driving through the Andes, while Uruguay is linked to Argentina by road bridges, whereas ferries sail between Buenos Aires and Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. This section of describes the many transportation options you have when traveling to this region.

Air Travel
International Flights:
Many cities in the world fly to the main Argentine international airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini, commonly known as Ezeiza International Airport, with the code: EZE. The airport is less than one hour outside Buenos Aires city center. The following page has useful information on international air travel to Argentina.
International Argentina Flights

New Entrance Tax:
Starting December 2009, Argentina will now charge a new entrance tax for all visitors holding passports from United States, Canada, and Australia. The total tax will be equivalent to the one that Argentines pay to get their visa to travel to these respective countries. The tax is a one-time fee and can be paid in US Dollars or Argentine Pesos at Ezeiza Internation Airport in Buenos Aires.
The tax amounts per country are:
United States - $131 USD
Canada - $70 USD
Australia - $100 USD

Domestic Flights:
Argentina is a very big country that is best traveled by short flights. These internal flights are widely available from Buenos Aires and other places in Argentina. Please read our guide to Domestic Flights in Argentina for useful information on this form of transportation.
Domestic Argentina Flights

Land Transportation
Bus Travel
A multitude of buses and routes are available to many parts of over Argentina. Buses offer sleeping beds along with both budget and first class seats. Some seats even fold into beds for passanger comfort.
Argentina Bus Transportation

Train Travel
There are a few train lines that operate and service passengers in Argetina. Train travel is not the best method of getting around for tourists, but a few destinations are reachable by trains.
Argentina Train Transportation

Car Rental in Argentina
Renting a car in Argentina is a fairly simple task. Many car agencies offer various types of cars to the consumer. Most types of driver licenses are sufficient to rent a car, and the only other important factor is for you to be able to drive a car with a manual transmission.

Prices usually start at about $80 USD, and it is often hard to find a cheaper rental car. It is also common for agencies to charge a per mile driven rate on top of the base price.

Private Car and Driver Service in Argentina
A great alternative to renting a car in Argentina, is hiring a remis, a private car and driver, which would take you around for about $20 USD an hour. The driver often knows the main highlights you would want to see and often acts as a private guide.

Prices start at about $20 USD an hour, but often average out to much cheaper rates if hired for a full day.

Regional Transportation Information
Buenos Aires and many other regions on this site have a separate section for the transportation available in that region. Please visit the Buenos Aires Transportation page or pick a region and go to the transportation page in that region.
Buenos Aires Transportation
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