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A hotel in the Parana River Delta near Buenos Aires Only 18 miles north of the Buenos Aires, there is an extraordinary ecological zone: the Parana River Delta. You can get there by taking the picturesque Tren de la Costa(Riverside Train), whose path along Rio de la Plata coast will allow you to see luxurious residences and a lovely coastline. After stopping at San Isidro station to visit its attractive shopping centre, you can continue on the same train to Tigre where you will navigate small rivers and channels enjoying nature in all its splendor.

You are free to enjoy the natural scene, spartake in water sports and fishing, or check out crafts at the Fruit Dock in Tigre.

Interestingly, ninety million tons of sedimentation carried by the Parana river produce an accumulation of land of approximately 20 inches every year, forming the different islands that constitute the Delta region, one of which is Tigre. tour of citadel which lies in jungle-like islands crossed by water canals where you will find many a kind of sea vessels.

There are also two museums in Tigre, the Navy Museum and the Sarmiento Museum.

Tren de la Costa
In 1891 Ferrocarriles de Buenos Aires inaugurated a local train that would travel from Retiro(downtown Buenos Aires) to the Tigre Delta Station, that is north of the city. Today this is only a 30 minute trip. In the 60's the train was deactivated and became active again in 1990.

Organized Tours
There are many tours leaving Buenos Aires on half or full day excursion. They are standard or private tours, with or without lunch. The may or may not include a ride on the modern Coastal Train, sailing on the Tigre Delta(Parana River) or the tour of citadel.

Other Delta Sights
Another popular place in The Delta is Isla Martin Garcia that is a short ferry trip from Tigre and only 1.2 miles off the Uruguayan coast. The park-like island is an all-in-one historical monument, nature reserve and recreational retreat. With the densely forested delta nearby, the island was used as a prison camp (hosting four ex-presidents) and a strategic observation point to guard against smugglers and protect the approaches to rivers in the area.

Map of Tigre and Parana River Delta

Map of Tigre, Parana River and Buenos Aires

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