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Argentina is a premier golf destination. The country is beautiful, the resorts are civilized, and there are dozens of great golf courses, in many scenic regions of Argentina.

Argentina has more golf courses than any other South American country. Immigrants from Europe brought the sport to Argentina in the last part of the 19th century. Ever since, exclusive clubs and luxury resorts have built and maintain some of the most interesting and challenging golf courses.

When planning a golfing trip to Argentina, the most important thing to remember is that the seasons are opposite of what they are in the Northern hemisphere. Summer in Argentina is between the months of December and March while winter is from June to October. For the golfer that basically means no golf between May and September in Patagonia and Mendoza. Buenos Aires has a much longer season with only occasional truly cold spells in June and July.

Golfing Regions in Argentina:
Most destinations in Argentina have golfing facilities. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and Bariloche, in majestic Patagonia, offer the most interesting golfing experiences for the visitor. Iguazu Falls and Tierra del Fuego are also excellent locations to enjoy Argentina on and off the golf course.
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