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Argentina offers the world's best brown and rainbow trout fishing in clear streams. Fish for big Atlantic salmon and beautiful trout in the great lakes and rivers of Patagonia. Experience how the fish rise quickly to your fly as the snow covered peaks of the Andes mountains loom all around you.

Types of Fish:
Argentina has a number of excellent fish to challenge and impress any angler. The dorado, salmon and trout, among others. are truly unique and are well worth experiencing at the end of your line. More

Best Seasons to Fish:
Trolling - midddle of November to the middle of April
Lake Fishing - November and December
Fly Casting - January to April.

Fishing in Patagonia
Landlocked salmon and golden dorado are also plentiful in Patagonia. Known as "the river tiger", the dorado is the most exciting native fish in South America.

Fishing near Buenos Aires
The main destination for fishing right near Buenos Aires is the Parana River Delta. A number of boats service the area and take passengers on private and group expeditions.

Corrientes, North of Buenos Aires
Located in the province of Corrientes, the Ibera Marshes have been declared a Provincial Natural Reserve. Tours often include sight fishing where anglers fish two per boat with one guide.

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