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Argentina is an excelent destination for active travelers that like to go mountain biking on their vacations. Tremendous views provide provide the backdrop to great adventure vacation. There are many different levels, regions, and length of tours to choose from. There are also many affordable private tours to choose from you have complete control over what you do on your adventure vacation.

Many excursions lead around the waters and valleys of the Lake District(near Bariloche), a region of glacier-clad peaks and beautiful forests. Tours visit a number of national parks and often include an afternoon of rafting or hiking.

For those interested in biking on flatter surfaces or like to take a city tour on a bike, there are a number of Buenos Aires urban bike tours available.

Mountain Bike Tours
Bariloche, Patagonia
Single day and half-day Tours:
- El Manso(near the Manso River): The full-day tour takes you across the Chillean border to visit a beautiful village on the other side.
- Lake Gutierrez: travel along the beautiful lake and visit villa Cathedral, Casa de Piedra stream and Moreno lake.
- Chall Huaco Valley: A picturesque bike tour which encounters birds and beautiful flora as you bike through a forest.

Multi-day Tours:
- Bariloche to Puerto Mont: Travel across the Chillean border and see spectacular mountains, lakes, forests hot water springs and more on a 4-7 day journey.
- Mountain Biking and Kayaking Adventure: Take a two day biking tour Steffen lake and kayak the beautiful Manso river.

Mendoza and The Andes
Multi-day Tours:
MTB Tours

Urban Bike tours in Buenos Aires
Go to the Buenos Aires City Tours section for a description of the bike tours offered in Buenos Aires.

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