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Trip and Travel Safety Argentina is an extremely interesting country to travel and explore. But it is located in South America, not the safest region in the world.

Buenos Aires is a very safe city and local police keep it that way by actively patrolling all tourist areas. Violent crime is extremely rare and smaller towns in Argentina are even safer than Buenos Aires, with crime worth mentioning being unheard of.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember there a number of thieves who spend their time in tourist areas on the lookout for easy prey. Always protect your valuables and keep your passport and tickets in a safe at your hotel.

Emergency Guide
In case you do get into any sort of trouble, anything from loss of passport, to theft, to a medical emergency, please consult our Emergency Guide.
Emergency Guide

Buenos Aires Safety
The Buenos Aires barrio of La Boca has seen a number of thefts of valuables just a few blocks away from the famous street Caminito. Take special care when you are in this area.

Taxi Travel
Taxis are found all over Buenos Aires. Taxis in Buenos Aires are all clearly marked and have a meter. In general, it is completely safe to travel by taxi in Buenos Aires, but rumors of happenings have been known to circulate. If you are at all concerned, go to the nearest hotel and take the taxi from there. Also, you can always call a taxi service from your restaurant or a public facility. The taxis ordered in such a manner are extremely safe.

Female Travelers
Argentina is a fairly safe country for women to travel in. Besides a few quick come-ons by the local men (that are meant to be ignored), women feel at ease exploring Buenos Aires and any other area of Argentina. It is recommended for women not to wear flashy or expensive-looking jewelry and to not walk around over- or under-dressed.

Senior-Citizen Travelers
Older people are very much revered and respected by Argentine culture and there is no reason for senior-citizens not to travel to Argentina.

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