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Planning a Trip to Argentina and Chile

Get the most out of your South America trip by combining a trip to Argentina with a visit to Chile. Because the countries run parallel to each other, there are a number of locations that offer excellent connections between Argentina and Chile.

Bariloche Lake Crossing
The Lake Crossing excursion between Bariloche in Argentina and Puerto Montt in Chile is not simply a transfer but one of the most amazing activities in this region. The transfer can occur in a single full day, or with an overnight stay in a pleasant hotel in the middle of the crossing. Bariloche is also a great place to prepare for trekking the countryside of the Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi or skiing at some of country's best resorts, with both spots being in close proximity.
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Southern Patagonia Border Crossing
The small city of El Calafate on the Argentine side of Southern Patagonia is a very common passageway to Chile, where you'll find the Torres del Paine National Park. The main question with this crossing is how to travel from Calafate and directly into the Torres del Paine National Park. An easy and inexpensive, but less convenient option is to travel through the town of Puerto Natales in Chile. Budget travelers often overnight in the rather unremarkable town and catch the morning busses to Torres del Paine. The other option is to organize private transportation that would allow you to arrive in only a half-day journey. Such a connection can be arranged if you stay at the excellent Los Notros and Explora Hotels, or this is a service you can organize separately with a knowledgeable travel agency.
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Mendoza and the Andes Border Crossing
The city and region of Mendoza also allows for a good passageway into the capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile. This crossing involves taking a full day drive or bus ride up and over the Andes Mountains that stand between the two destinations. Although the journey is quite time consuming, there are a number of beautiful sights that you can visit along the way.
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Map of Border Crossings near Bariloche

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