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Planning a Trip to Argentina and Brazil

It is quite easy and convenient to combine your vacation to Argentina with a visit to Brazil. There are a number of flights daily between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro that allow to comfortably combine both destinations. You can also use the continent's most popular destination, Iguazu Falls, as a great stepping-stone to cross over into Brazil and continue exploring the diverse landscape and the exciting city of Rio de Janeiro.

Buenos Aires
A great place to start your itinerary is in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. Flights arrive daily from Europe, North America, and Australia. You'll be charmed by the quaint streets lined with historic colonial buildings and architecture that resembles Paris. Indulge in the inexpensive restaurants and experience world-class red wines and steaks, which lie at the heart of the country's culinary traditions.
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Iguazu Falls
This amazing waterfall is one of the highlights of the world. You can take one of the many flights per day from Buenos Aires to Iguazu and explore the waterfalls for a few days. The Devil's Throat, Garganta del Diablo, is a spectacular spot, where fourteen falls merge to form the most powerful single waterfall in the world. The Argentinean Parque Nacional Iguaza is also a great place to explore the subtropical forests that surround the falls.
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Rio de Janeiro
After exploring Iguazu Falls you can take one of the many daily flights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's most exciting city, which is nestled between jungle-covered mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the vibrant beach culture of Copacabana, take a cable car ride to Sugar Loaf Mountain, or dance with locals to the intoxicating rhythm of the Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba. Other Brazilian destinations can also be reached easily and such an itinerary can be remarkable affordable when properly organized.

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