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Argentina has a number of beautiful regions to enjoy. Read the synopsis of each region and then click on the "More" link for detailed information on the region.

Take a look at the Map of Argentina to understand the geography and location of the main sites in this great country.

Buenos Aires Tours Buenos Aires
The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is an excellent tourist destination. Explore the unique neighborhoods, socialize in the outdoor cafes, and take in a tango show on your visit to this beautiful city.

Patagonia Travel Guide Patagonia
Patagonia is a very large region in the South of Argentina. The region offers numerous sights and activities, some of which are not available anywhere else in the world.

Iguazu Waterfalls tour Iguazu Waterfalls
The Iguazu Falls and National Park offer the visitor an experience one-on-one with nature. Explore one of the world's greatest waterfalls on foot or from a boat that gives you a view of the water falling from below.

Salta Tour Salta
Salta City is the best preserved colonial city in Argentina. The province of Salta has a number of great attractions to the visitor. Take a look at travel information about Salta including attractions, lodging, dining, shopping and sports.

Mendoza Wine Tour Mendoza
Argentine wines are world famous and most of the vineyards are located in the Mendoza province. Enjoy the wine, visit the vineyards, partake a variety of sports and explore the Andes Mountains.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Colonia is a very unique colonial town with narrow cobbled streets flanked by whitewashed buildings. Colonia is only 1 hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires and can be explored in one day.

Salta Tour The Atlantic Coastline
Just a few hours drive South from Buenos Aires we find the city of Mar del Plata and the pretty towns of Pinamar, Carilo, and Villa Gesell. The town serve as vacation retreats for millions of Porteno's that come down from Buenos Aires every summer.

Visit the Cultural City of Cordoba, Argentina Cordoba
The city of Cordoba is an interesting place to visit during your Argentine vacation. Although there are not many tourist sites, the colonial architecture and surrounding sites will make the trip more than worthwhile for many visitors.

Antarctica Cruise and Tour Antarctica
Antarctica is the continent of ice around the South Pole of our planet. Although it is not located in Argentina, most trips for Antarctica start from Ushuaia, Argentina.

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