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Flag of Argentina Country Fact Sheet:

Full country name: Republica Argentina
Area: 2,776,890 sq km (1,083,000 sq mi)
Population: 38,740,807(July 2003 est.)
Capital city: Buenos Aires
Language: American Spanish
Government: Republic
President: Nestor Kirchner
   86% European descent
   15% Mestizo
   1% Indian and other minorities
   93% Roman Catholic
   2.5% Protestant
   2% Jewish
   1.5% Ukrainian Catholic
   1% Armenian Orthodox

GDP per capita: $10,423.11 USD

Currency: ARS - Argentinean Peso
Exchange Rate: 3.08 Argentinean Pesos per 1 US Dollar (as of 04/15/07)
Note: In Argentina, the $ symbol represents an amount in Argentinean Pesos. Rarely, in goods sold only to foreigners, you will encounter a price in USD which will be represented by u$s or us$.

Exchange Rate Calculator:
Look up the latest exchange rate using a simple-to-use calculator on the website below. Exchange Rate Calculator

Buenos Aires:
   Population: 12 million
   Abbreviations: A commonly used abbreviation for Buenos Aires is BA, sometimes also written as BsAs.

More Demographics on Argentina:
CIA World Factbook - Demographic information on Argentina that is released to the public by the Central Intelligence Agency of the US.
CIA World Factbook

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