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Argentine Tango is the greatest Argentine dance and one of the biggest dances in the world. Aside from the tango, Argentines also dance some traditional rural dances. Chamame, cuarteto and folk dances originated and are still practiced in Argentina.

Argentine Tango
For all the information you may need about the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires and New York City go to website.

Chamame is a rather popular Argentine roots music where people dance in cheek-to-cheek embrace. The dance originated in the northern parts of Argentina by settlers from Czechoslovaki, Poland, Austria and Germany that brought waltzes, mazurkas and polkas from their mother countries. That music blended in with Amerindian traditions and African rhythms to create Chamame. Argentina's reigning king of the dance and music is Raul Barboza who has enjoyed success in Europe in the 1990s.

The dance named after the original performer Cuarteto Leo became popular and known as Cuarteto in the 1940s. The music is usually comprised of a solo singer piano, accordion, violin or possibly a bandoneon. Dancers gather in a large circle and move counter-clockwise to a rhythm called tunga-tunga. The 1980s has seen a rebirth of the dance in middle-class society with the singer Carlos 'La Mona' Jimenez leading the way.

Argentine Folk
Folk or Folklorica music re-emerged in the 1960s characterized by tight arrangements and four-part harmonies. The Cosquin National Folklore Festival remains the greatest event and the trendsetter for the artform.

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