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The beautiful Four Seasons hotel in Recoleta, Buenos Aires
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Recoleta is a trully european and luxurious neighborhood that is packed with elegant restaurants, outdoor cafes, bars, and a cinema complex that is the biggest and best in Argentina.

In the 1870's, a yellow-fever epidemic sent many of the cities elite from their comfortable lodgings of San Telmo to this neighborhood. As a result, Recoleta prospered. The fabulous Avenida Alvear is a great example of the wealth and style of the upper classes in Argentina.

Many claim that much of the area that is called Recoleta is really part of Barrio Norte(North Neighborhood). So even if some of these sights are said to be in Recoleta, officially that may not be exactly true.

Take a look at the Map of Recoleta here.

Cemetary and Church Area:
The Pilar Church and the cemetary in Recoleta are the centers and the hightlights of the most prestigious neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Read a more detailed description of the area here.

Palais de Glace:
The National Culture Exhibit Rooms are more commonly referred to as Palais de Glace(Ice Palace) is the most famous exhibition hall in Argetina. At times trully interesting events and art exhibits are found here.

Museo de Arte Decorativo:
The National Museum of Decorative Art is in a magnificent French Classical landmark building (it's just worth the price of admission just to enter this breathtaking structure). The museum houses a fascinating collection of furnishings and home decor, most of which was donated by Argentina's leading families. In the same complex is the Museo de Arte Oriental (Museum of Eastern Art), which has works from places such as India and the Middle East. Av. del Libertador 1902
Phone: 4806-8306/ 4801-8248 / Website (in Spanish)

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes:
The National Museum of Fine Arts contains some of the nations greattest treasures. There are approximately 11,000 paintings, sculptures, tapestries, engravings, drawings and various objects. While the museum's collection of impressionists leaves much to be desired, the museum does offer a good collection of art by Argentine artists.

Av. del Libertador 1473
Phone: 4803-0802

Modern Art Museum - MAMBA:
Av. San Juan 350
Phone: 4361-1121

Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco:
Built as the residence of the architect Martin Noel in the late 18th century in an eclectic post-Spanish colonial style, it's now home to the Isaac Fernandez Blanco Hispanic-American Art Museum. The extensive collection of colonial silver, wood carvings, and paintings gives you a sense of the wealth and the quality of craftsmanship in colonial South America. The overgrown, almost jungle-like garden provides an awesome background for the outdoor theatrical performances mounted here during the summer.
Suipacha 1422 Website (in Spanish)

National Library:
The library is somewhat of a marvel of Argentine sculpture while being Argentina's biggest library.
Aguero 2502
Phone: 4806-1929

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