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The main area for gay men and women to simply chill out is in the barrio of Palermo. In fact, this lively neighborhood is home to many gay men and women in Buenos Aires. They usually hang out in cafes, bars or restaurants around the area purely for relaxation and also meeting people. Besides, this area also features several chic boutiques by talented local fashion designers. In the summertime, the parks and gardens in Palermo is beautified by trees and their colourful flowers. This is the time where a lot of gay men and women prefer to spend their time jogging or walking in these parks.

Dining Out
The restaurants in Buenos Aires have grown rapidly over the past few years to accommodate the increase number of diners. Buenos Aires offers many impressive trendy restaurants. These are all equally classy, elegant and superbly gay friendly. Anyone can indulge themselves to a good meal and good wines at an inexpensive price in this city. Buenos Aires is extremely popular for its steaks and chorizos.

Recommended Gay Friendly Restaurants:

Empire Bar
Tres Sargentos 427
Modern and tastefully decorated gay-owned restaurant running Thai cuisine with wine bar and music by DJ.

Chueca Resto Bar
Soler 3283
A beautifully and stylishly decorated gay restaurant in an old building in Palermo that serves good food.

Titanic Club
Callao Av. 1156
A chic popular restaurant in the area of Recoleta, the meal can come up to be a bit pricy.

La Farmacia
Bolivar 898
In the district of San Telmo, this restaurant offers brilliant food for its value.

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