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There is no altercation that gay travelers are accepted in Buenos Aires just like everyone else. Fundamentally, their orientation and lifestyle will not appear to be a setback for them to be in Buenos Aires. Perhaps, this is supported by the fact that Portenos are very open-minded people with positive outlook on liberty. To Portenos, friendship and maintaining a strong family bond are two of the most important values in their life. As a result, they generally accept the presence of homosexual group because they acknowledge that these people are also their friends and family members. Regardless the fact that Argentina is predominantly a Catholic country, the churches here are very acceptable towards homosexuals. In fact, it does not come as a surprise that gay men and women attend church along with everyone else in the city.

Politically, the gay groups in Buenos Aires are very active and serious in tackling any issues related to their welfare. Perhaps, this is the reason why homosexual group has almost the same right as anyone else in Buenos Aires. Backing with the force from several gay organizations such as Grupo Nexo, Communidad Homosexual Argentina and Lugar de BA, the plights and rights of this group has been highlighted in recent years. Delightfully, their voices were heard and several drastic actions have been taken. In 1996, the Buenos Aires Constitution has imposed a clause that indicates any discrimination based on sexual orientation must be forbidden. Evidently, this is a positive step towards achieving equality in every aspect of life. Recently, Buenos Aires became the first city in South America to legalise same sex civil unions. Since July 2003, gay couples are able to obtain official recognition from the local government regarding their relationship. This is an incredible move to acknowledge some of the social needs of same-sex couples.

It is amazingly inspirational to learn that Buenos Aires is truly beautiful from within. Therefore, gay travelers should feel free and accepted to visit this glamorous city.

Gay Pride
In the rainbow calendar of Buenos Aires, the first Saturday of November each year is exceptionally significant. It is of course the annual Buenos Aires Gay Pride to celebrate the emergence of the first ever gay group in Buenos Aires in 1969. This annually flamboyant event is filled with many activities, parties, forums and parade. Apart from concentrating purely on fun, this event is also proved to be politically crucial in defending and liberating the rights for gay groups. The parade itself is definitely the cream of the festival as it is forever colourful and fascinating. This event is in fact a great approach to celebrate the diversity of sexual orientation in Buenos Aires. Anyone happens to support this cause should make a date with the Buenos Aires Gay Pride as it is all for a good purpose and having an impeccable time.

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