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Edgy, avant-garde, and fashionable are just some of the words that can be used to describe the bars and clubs in Buenos Aires. This city truly has a fabulous gay scene with its ecstatically amazing gay bars and clubs. These gay venues usually provide brilliant bars and fantastic deejays playing cool tunes. The atmosphere in the gay bars and clubs here can be both vibrant and euphoric. Everyone will be surely guaranteed of brilliant time. Basically, the venues here are somewhat a la 'Sex and the City'. Although, one need to remember that the clubs here doesn't really start until 2 a.m. It is advisable to sleep during the day if you plan to have fun the Buenos Aires way. Just get ready to party like the locals.

Recommended Bars

Water Club
Uriburu 1018
Nothing related to the sexual connotation of water sports, but a new funky bar in the district of Recoleta.

Av. Cordoba 4119
Perhaps the biggest gay bar in Buenos Aires with a lot of younger patrons. Definitely a popular spot to be seen.

Punto G
Anchorena 1347
Another venue in Recoleta that offers almost different shows every night. Great place to go and have a laugh with friends.

Av. Cordoba 4185
A lively bar with dancefloor. It is predominantly frequented by young men.

Recommended Clubs

Gascon 1040
Only weekends. A huge and wild gay club in Buenos Aires, with three dancefloors offering different genres of music. A great place to have a notorious night out.

Pacha B.A.
Av. Francisco Beiro 4267
Predominantly straight crowd but very gay friendly. Is well recommended because they have fantastic Deejays and sometimes they invite top class spinners such as Oakenfold, Sasha, Dave Seamen and many more.

Palacio Buenos Aires
Alsina 940
Located in San Telmo in a beautiful old historical building. Best night to go is on Friday from 1 a.m. Perhaps, one of the best in the city.

Cabrera 3046
With dancefloor and darkrooms. Seems to be full of action. Large gay crowds and not very spacious. Weekends is extremely busy and crowded.

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