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Being Portenos, the gay people in Buenos Aires are undeniably friendly, warm and remarkably affectionate. They will never fail to make visitors feel welcomed and always striving to ensure that those who come to Buenos Aires will fall in love with Buenos Aires.

Gays in Buenos Aires are almost certainly fashionable and image-conscious. In this glamorous city, everyone has their individual approaches to look fabulous. They take their appearances very seriously and ceaselessly trying to keep up with the top of the line in world of fashion. Perhaps, this is why they always appear beautiful, desirable and delicious.

One of the characteristics of the gay men and women in Buenos Aires is their social etiquette. They are rather sophisticated and modern, hence they hang out in trendy bars or restaurants elegantly without obtrusive manners. Basically, they are not 'in-your-face' type of people. It is comforting to know that in Buenos Aires, hardly any gay men or women will swarm all over you just because you are a foreigner in gay bars or clubs (this does happen in certain countries). Thus, visitors are able to have brilliant time when they are out and about.

Friends, or Amigos, are an essential presence in the life of the gay community. Embracing friendship is an important value for them. The gay men and women in Buenos Aires have always loved to meet and befriend people from all corners of the world. Regardless your sexual orientation or your origin, they are more than delighted to enlighten visitors about Buenos Aires.

Quite a majority of them are able to converse fluently in English. Even with those who have limited understanding of English, they will too attempt to engage in conversation with visitors. They are in fact very intelligent and great conversationalists. They can talk to you about anything from fashion to religion, social issues, and also national politic to international politic. Perhaps this is a fantastic opportunity to get an insight of the city and pick up some useful Spanish words.

Buenos Aires is without a doubt an impressive gay friendly city. The gay men and women seem to live a comfortable lifestyle. If we are just as open as them, no doubt a visit here will unexpectedly gain us new friends and new perspectives.

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