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Nestled in the mountains in Argentina's Neuquen province, Villa La Angostura is an enchanting mountain village. The town of 11,000 people is located within the Nahuel Haupi National Park, itself an untouched and tranquil environment dedicated to the preservation of the pristine natural environment. The colors and scents you'll experience on a trip to Villa La Angostura will make for a memorable adventure.

Geography and Climate
Villa La Angostura is located at the mid-point of San Martín de los Andes and Bariloche. The town is close to the Chilean border, near the Cardenal Antonio Samoré Pass, which leads to Osorno, Chile.

During the summer months, flowers are in full bloom, waterfalls gushing, streams flowing, and the mountains beckon hikers, bikers, kayakers, and fly fishermen. Throughout the winter, the town and park are blanketed in fresh snow. Among many ski areas in the area, Cerro Bayo is a popular winter destination, and just a short drive from Villa La Angostura.

In this town, you'll see every color in nature that you can perceive on the visible spectrum. The lakes range in color from emerald green to deep indigo, and meet skies of blue, pink, and orange. The forests of deep green trees are full of flowers of all colors, from purple to yellow to red. Gray foxes hunt and brown deer graze in the woods, while condors, eagles, and hawks circle above.

Outdoor Activities
Hiking is the most popular summer activity in Villa La Angostura. There are lots of winding paths of various difficulties in the nearby woods. Because the town is located within a national park, there is easy access to well maintained trails. Horseback riding and mountain biking are also popular on the nearby trails. Local bike shops will rent you a bike, or you can even sign up for a guided tour. Locals familiar with the terrain guide horseback riding trips.

Adventure tourism in Villa La Angostura doesn't stop at the end of the trails. The location is also renown for its access to premier fly fishing spots, and kayaking on either the lakes or the rivers. Sailing across Lake Nahuel Haupi is also a highly sought after activity.

Los Arrayanes National Park
Los Arrayanes is one of Argentina's national parks. It is actually located within Nahuel Haupi National Park, but was created in 1971 with the purpose of protecting the native and rare arrayán (myrtle) trees. Walking through these groves means sticking to a wooden footpath, placed along the walking route in order to ensure that the soil and the roots of these fragile trees remain intact. The park is quiet, calm, and untouched by man.

Dining and Lodging
Villa La Angostura is reminiscent of a town in the European Alps. Most buildings are wood, some ornately carved. Lay your head on a pillow at one of the hotels located along the shores of Nahuel Haupi Lake, and wake up to a an immaculate view of nature's pure and simple beauty.

Villa La Angostura has recently become a destination for some of the country's top chefs. Sample the local delicacies at one of the fine dining establishments in the area, or stop into a shop and buy artesian products like cheese, wine, chocolate, deer and trout.

Bariloche is one of Villa La Angostura's neighboring cities. Itself a popular tourist destination for its proximity to ski resorts and natural splendor, Bariloche is also located on the stunning Lake Nahuel Huapi. Bariloche is also reminiscent of a European alpine town, and boasts a cathedral and clock tower in the city's center. The area features evergreen forests, snowcapped peaks, deep blue and transparent green lakes, and a plethora of spring flowers. Bariloche proudly offers the full variety of outdoor sports in the most magnificent of settings, making it a wonderful destination to combine with a trip to Villa La Angostura.
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