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Estancia Harberton
There are few places on earth offering anything even remotely close to the famous Estancia Harberton. At more than 50,000 acres (20,234 hectares), Tierra del Fuego's oldest estancia was founded in 1886 as a gift from the Argentine government to Reverend Thomas Bridges, who is considered the patriarch and first permanent settler of Tierra del Fuego. It is located 37 miles (60 kilometers) east of Ushuaia. The staff work hard to preserve the original simple wooden buildings, gardens, stone piers, and terraces. Visitors can tour the grounds, outbuildings, gardens, cemetery, and a botanical garden with replica Yamana Indian huts (the tribe was offered refuge here by the estancia's original owners). Nearby is the Acatushun Museum of Southern Marine Birds and Mammals, showcasing the natural history of the region's marine wildlife. The estancia is open from mid-April through mid-October.

This famous ranch is now managed by the fifth generation of the Bridge family. Most people visit as part of organized tours, but individuals and couples are welcome on their own. The estancia is well known for its century-old tradition of tea in the Tea Cottage, the oldest building on the island. Most tours reach the estancia by boat, offering a rare opportunity to explore the Isla Martillo penguin colony, in addition to a sea-lion refuge on Isla de los Lobos, the Island of the Wolves, en route.
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Estancia Tepi
With just five rooms but more than 24,711 acres (10,000) hectares of forests and pristine grazing pastures, crossed by creeks and rivers, this estancia 92 miles (148 kms) north of Ushuaia stands out for its cattle raising and agricultural tourism activities. The residence, a typical Tierra del Fuego building from the 1920s, gives shelter to those who wish to rest and experience life in the country. At Tepi, multiple rural activities are complemented by folkloric shows, games and dances, as well as by authentic Patagonian gastronomy.

Tepi is a true estancia in the conventional sense, dedicated to cattle raising. It is also one of the most progressive estancias, being one of the first ranches in the country to embrace rural tourism and encourage guests to participate in the day to day activities of the estancia. There is excellent fishing in nearby streams and bird watching is a prime activity. Guests rave about the delicious asados served here, which are rumored to be the best meals on the island.
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Estancia Maria Behety
This estancia is unique in Argentina for one reason: it is as much, perhaps more so, a fishing ranch than anything else. Yes, it has cattle and sheep, and plenty of them, spread out among its enormous 275,000 acres (111,289 hectares) of pristine, windswept grassland, located over some 11 miles (17 km). But what it also has as an unobstructed 32 continuous miles (51 km) along the northern bank of the Rio Grande, which makes for what some consider the finest trout fishing on earth. In fact, so lucrative is this riverside real estate that two other estancias send their guests to Maria Behety for fishing.

From its location 18 miles (30 km) from the property's entrance, the Estancia Maria Behety's Lodge is within minutes of more than 100 of the finest pools on the river and their location alone ensures one of the top trophy trout trips on the planet. The distinctive architecture of the historic turn-of-the-century ranches of Tierra del Fuego is incorporated in the design of the lodge. The view from the living room is a breathtaking panorama that encompasses the river valley and the foothills of the Andes to the West. As one would expect with this type of offering, the lodge is limited to twelve guests (anglers, to be technical) for each of the 14 weeks of the fishing season, all of which are always booked well in advance. The rest of the year the estancia is open to all comers and the chances of finding a room are much higher.
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Estancia Viamonte
History buffs will appreciate Estancia Viamonte. Some 20 miles (32 km) south of Rio Grande, it was founded in 1902, at the request of the local indigenous peoples - the Ona tribe. The founders were the three sons of the first European settler in Tierra del Fuego, the legendary Reverend Thomas Bridges, who himself founded Estancia Harberton. In this sense, the ranch had its origins in missionary-based farming and cattle raising, and continued to serve as an all-inclusive resource center for the local people for many years. Members of the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the family currently live on the property.

Open from November through March, the main house, SeaView, was the original home of one of the founders, and is located in the heart of the property. It's Victorian English style living room, with a bow window and inviting fireplace, provides a cosy setting to spend the evening. It lodges six guests in three double bedrooms with private bathrooms, one of them on the first floor. Seaview also has its own large garden and amazing breakfasts and dinners are included in the daily rates. For those who can't leave their laptops behind, Viamonte is one of the few estancias on Tierra del Fuego with WiFi Internet service.
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