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This tree has seen much wind in its life at the Tierra del Fuego National Park in Argentina In year 1960, the Argentine government created the Tierra del Fuego National Park, forever preserving the southernmost region of the Andes mountain range and the sub-Antarctic forests. This 63,000 hectare park, brimming with stunning vistas everywhere you look, has since become a popular destination for travelers and adventures hungry for exotic wildlife, landscape, and culture.

With borders defined by Chile to the East and the Beagle Channel to the south, the Tierra del Fuego National Park offers a unique blend of Patagonian landscapes. Within the park, you'll find mountainous ranges, deep valleys littered with chilled lakes and rivers, picturesque coastlines, and captivating forests. Stark cliffs frame tranquil bays, and glacial moraines meet mossy foliage amidst this true Argentine treasure. As one might expect, the wildlife housed within the park is as varied and remarkable as its natural landscape.

With two distinct types of growth, including both lenga and coihue forests native to the most humid regions of South America, the Tierra del Fuego National Park is home to a wide variety of notable species of wildlife. Beavers, red foxes, guanaco, and muskrats are commonly sighted within the park, as well as a spattering of exotic salmon, rainbow trout, and fish fauna. Additionally, the park's skies are littered with avian wildlife, including condors, the Upland Goose, and the Magellanic Oystercatcher. Wildlife tours exploring the rich collection of species are commonly available and strongly recommended for travelers who seek to truly understand the natural significance of the park.

Excursions throughout the Tierra del Fuego National Park are plentiful, providing something for nearly everyone. Whether you prefer sport fishing, lagoon lounging, or even mountain climbing, you are certain to find adventures to fill many days in the region. Highlights of the park's available excursions include tours of the Negra Lagoon track, which features dark waters colored by peat moss, and island walks that illuminate the beautiful green lagoons of the Cormorant Archipelago.

Visitors access the Tierra del Fuego National Park via the city of Ushauia which lies just eleven kilometers from its borders. Flights to the city are available directly and relatively frequently from Buenos Aires. Should you choose to travel to the park, please remember to pack plenty of warm and dry clothing in your day pack as the Tierra del Fuego weather can by both chilly and windy throughout the year.

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