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The Tierra del Fuego National Park and the mountain range behind Ushuaia is a beautiful place to hike. The lakes, rivers, and unique vegetation in this region provide one of a kind scenery for hiking enthusiasts. Hikes through dense native forests of evergreen coihue, canelo and lenga are all highlights, while the hillside burst in gorgeous red colors from March to May in the National Park.

Hiking and Trekking Excursions in Tierra del Fuego
Laguna Esmeralda:
This full day hike starts at the Altos del Valle ski resort and ascends to the beautiful lake called Laguna Esmeralda. If you are up for a true trekking challange, you could continue past the lake, up to the point the vegetation ends, and the Glacier Albino begins.

Sendero de Lucas Bridges:
This is an excellent trek that runs between the two great estancia in Tierra del Fuego, The Haverton and the Via Monte Estancias. You can stay at the estancias at the start and end of you trek, while you camp during your actual journey.

Andorra Valley and Laguna del Caminante:
This three day trek shows you the highlights of the Tierra del Fuego mountain range and is packed with awesome views of Beagle Chanell and the famous Darwin Range. Easy to moderate hiking takes you to beautiful places on this overview hike. Camping at night.

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