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Bariloche is one of the greatest places in the world for hiking and trekking. A number of different trails and routes are available for your hiking pleasure.

Hiking and Trekking Excursions in Bariloche

Cerro Lopez:
This hike begins early from Circuito Chico(Lower Circuit) and ascends to Mountain Hut Lopez via a relaxed trail. Depending on conditions, the hike continues upward to Turista peak, passing along the way to the well known as Hoya del Lopez.

Cerro Ventana:
The mountain Ventana offers beautiful panoramic views including Lake Gutierrez, Mount Catedral and Mount Otto, the city of Bariloche, and Lake Nahuel Huapi that seem to be all around you and at your feet.

Mountain Hut Frey:
The surroundings of the mountain retreat Frey is a hiker's and rock climber's paradise, a magnificent scene rich in granite rock formations.

Cerro Tronador:
The trek through Mountain Tronador entails views of ancient glaciers, mighty peaks, and beautiful waterfalls. The trek starts 90 kilometers away from the city, going through the Meiling mountain hut, then up through a wonderful forest and along a wide ridge of volcanic rocks that have impressive views of the glaciers and waterfalls that soar for hundreds of meters below.

Catedral's South Peak and Campanile Valley:
Weather permitting it is recommended spending one or two nights in a rock cave at 2000 meters over the sea level, inside the Campanile valley which is one of the most spectacular places in the region of Bariloche. For the last climb up to the summit it recommended to have some previous treking experience.

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