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Bariloche is one of the most traditional tourist locations of Patagonia, and it's not difficult to see why; beneath the towering peaks of the Andes lies a city full of rolling hills, crystal lakes and rivers, and lush wooded landscapes. Resultantly, the lodging options in Bariloche are quite extensive, whether the tourist is seeking a conventional visit or a more adventurous stay. Offering a wide variety of luxury, 4, 3, and 2 star hotels, as well as hostels and Estancias, Bariloche has a place for every visitor to rest his head at night.

Bariloche's tourist area is located near the Centro Cívico, with the main shopping and business area centered on Mitre Street, and to a lesser extent, Moreno and intersecting streets. You will find a number of hotels in the city center, along with lodgings near Cerro Catedral, the main ski center, and also a wide range of cabins, hotels and inns.

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For a more upscale stay, Bariloche's luxury star hotels come equipped with such facilities as beautiful modern furnishings and guest rooms with lake and mountain views. Four and three star hotels are smaller and more modest, but still come equipped with such assets as room service and laundry facilities for a lesser price. For a quaint, budget hotel, Bariloche offers 2 star lodging options. Bariloche also has an array of hostels, with their homey, log-cabin like residences that house a limited number of guests. Some hostels also offer a variety of sightseeing trips, mountaineering services, and extreme sport activity plans, should the visitor be interested. A final lodging option unique to Argentina cities is the Estancia. Originally a term for a cattle ranch, Estancias are country houses or inns on large tracts of land where cattle graze freely. Guests at Bariloche's Estancias have the unique opportunity to observe gaucho, or Argentine cowboy, culture and encounter some of the most beautiful nature in all of Argentina.

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