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Twenty-four kilometers from San Carlos de Bariloche, on the shore of Lake Moreno, sits the small but booming Llao Llao Peninsula. This beautiful area and town were actually founded by the Llao Llao Hotel in the 1990s, and consists of a harbor, a trade area, charming cottages and bungalows, Saint Edward's Chapel, and the spectacular natural setting of Patagonian splendor at its finest.

The Llao Llao Hotel
Llao Llao Hotel and Resort, at the heart of the village between Lakes Moreno and Nahuel Huapi, was first opened in 1938, and again in 1993. With a deluxe 164 bedrooms, lavish suites, a winter garden, a 9-hole golfing course, and a heated swimming pool, this resort is a prime example of luxury at its finest, and the snow-capped Tronador Mountain and Lopez and Capilla Hills paint an exquisite backdrop.

Saint Edward's Chapel
Standing tall atop a hill, St. Edward's Chapel allows an excellent panoramic view of the hotel and most of the village to boot. Inside the building is an array of stained glass windows by artist Marcos Jerman, in addition to a precious painting by Raul Soldi.

Llao Llao Municipal Park
Located in Circuito Chico, this protected Nature Reserve spans across 1200 hectares, including a recreational conservation area of wilderness woodland. Clearly distinguishable are the Llao Llao Peninsula and Conejos Island, with a high canopy of such trees as the coihues, cypresses, canes, climbing plants, and ferns, and a diverse array of bird, reptiles, and small mammals.

Puerto Panuelo
Directly across from the Llao Llao Hotel, the Puerto Panuelo is the most important area lake harbor, as the leaving point for trips across Nahuel Huapi Lake and to Chile as well. The arrival and departure of the beautiful catamarans offer an inspirational horizon view.

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