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Lake Crossing Excursion to Chile

Across a stunning route of mountains and lakes, the Andean Lakes Crossing takes you over land and sea on an unforgettable one or two day journey from Puerto Montt, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina, or vice versa. Cruce de Lagos trips run daily, with the exception of December 25th and January 1st. The Autumn and Winter schedules (May 1- August 31) follow an eventful two day itinerary, while the Summer and Spring schedules (September 1st - April 30th) offer a one day excursion, following the same schedule with the exception of a visit to Cantaron Falls. Trips can also be interrupted if you care to stay longer than one night and continue at scheduled time the following day.

Bariloche to Puerto Montt
Day 1
With departure from the Bariloche bus station, your journey begins at Puerto Panuelo. Upon arrival, you board the El Condor Catamaran and sail the Blest Branch of Nahuel Huapi Lake. An optional lunch is enjoyed in the cozy Blest Hostal restaurant, yielding a lovely view of the lake. After lunch, a bus trip transports you to Puerto Alegrewhich, where you sail Frias Lake aboard the Caleuche or Dalca motorship for fifteen minutes. Upon arrival at Puerto Frias, travelers clear Argentine customs and proceed onwards via bus through the lush Andean vegetation, arriving at Vicente Perez Rosales pass and on to the Chilean customs at Peulla. Day 1 ends upon arrival of the Peulla Hotel, where you will dine and spend the night.

Day 2
After an early breakfast, you will board the Lagos Andinos Catamaran and set out across the waters of the Todos Los Santos Lake. Visible from the boat is the majestic Mount Puntuagudo and the impressive Osorno volcano. You will arrive at Petrohue and make a stop to the magnificent Petrohue waterfalls before reaching the destination Puerto Montt.

Puerto Montt to Bariloche
Day 1
Departure begins at Puerto Montt, known as "City of Roses," crossing Lakes Llanquihue and Todos lost Santos and allowing for fantastic views of the Oscorno and Calbuco volcanoes. Along the way, a stop is made to Vincente Perez Rosales National Park, home of Petrohue Falls, followed by stops to the ecological towns of Petrohue and Peulla. A paradise for nature lovers, Peulla marks the end of Day 1, with an optional lunch, and accommodation and dinner at Hotel Peulla.

Day 2
The trip continues on the second day with a bus departure to Puerto Frias, the Chilean Customs Point. You wind across the beautiful Andes Mountain range at approximately 976 meters above sea level before reaching Puerto Frias. The trip ends with a relaxing cruise on Lake Frias to Puerto Alegre and, finally, to the end point of Bariloche.

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