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Bariloche Restaurants,
Bars and Clubs

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs are widely available in Bariloche. The following locations have websites, addresses and phone numbers for you convenience.

Atalaya Av Bustillo km 23,500 02944/448436 
EL Boliche de Alberto Parrilla Villegas 347 02944/462285 
El Patacon Av. Bustillo km 7 02944/442898 
Fondo Colonia Suiza Felix Goye s/n-Colonia Suiza 02944/448619 
La Chacra Alpina Casilla de Correo 65 Correo Llao Llao 02944/448137 
La Parrilla de Julian Av. San Martin 574 02944/429082 
Rincon Patagonico Av.E.Bustillo 6000 02944/443349 

By Pass Rolando 155 P.1 02944/420549 
Cerebro Rosas 406 02944/420549 
Genux Juan Manuel de Rosas 412 02944/524020 
Rocket Rosas 424 02944/431940 

In addition:
Patagonian Delights
Locals maintain a long tradition of passing down outstanding recipies that their fore-fathers and mothers brought from their native lands. Jams and jellies, chocolates, beer, smoked fish, pancakes and cheeses are the many foods that thrive in Bariloche.

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