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Tucked in the south coast of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, just a two hour flight from Buenos Aires, is the beautiful town of San Carlos de Bariloche. Visitors are enchanted by the city's views of soaring mountains, clear lakes, and beautiful pine woods, all in the heartland of the nearby national park. With charming Swiss chalet style stone and wooden architecture, international ski slopes, and renowned chocolate shops, Bariloche is a place where time seems to have stopped. With a wide range of options for tourism, both conventional and adventurous, visitors throng to Bariloche year after year to breathe in its fresh mountain air and enjoy its truly everlasting beauty.

Sights near Bariloche
Bariloche, which is in the heart of Patagonia's Lake District, is in close proximity to several nearby attractions worth seeing during your visit. Travel to Argentina's oldest National Park - Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, explore the renowned touring circuits such as Circuito Chico, take a day trip to the enchanting Isla Victoria, visit the magnificent Llao Llao Resort on the peninsula that bears the same name, or even take the Lake Crossing Excursion to Chile. All these sight-seeing opportunities are easily accesible.
Nahuel Huapi National Park
Touring Circuits near Bariloche
Llao Llao Peninsula
Lake Crossing Excursion to Chile

Summer in Bariloche
During the summer, the adventurous love Bariloche's guided hiking, river rafting, paragliding, kayaking, golfing, and various other activities, all within close proximity of town. For intense thrill-seekers, mountaineering excursions are a popular attraction, including repelling, climbing, and biking. Such unbeatable scenery and unique opportunities make these activities a truly life-changing experience.
Hiking and Trekking near Bariloche
Rafting near Bariloche

Winter in Bariloche
Winter in Bariloche provides excellent opportunities for skiing, an activity enjoyed from June to September. In fact, Bariloche is one of the best places to ski in South America! The main mountain is Cerro Catedral, only 18 kilometers from the city, with peaks resembling gothic temples and dozens runs of various difficulty for skiers of every level. A smaller skiing destination a few hours away from Bariloche is Cerro Chapelco in San Martin de los Andes.
Argentina Skiing Guide

Nearby Destinations
Bariloche is the gateway to a number of destinations nearby, in the Lake district of Argentina. San Martin de los Andes has excellent summer and winter sports, Villa Angostura is quaint and nearby, Esquel is the gateway to Los Alerces Park National Park, and El Bolson is very picturesque.
San Martin de los Andes Travel Information
Villa Angostura Travel Information
Esquel Travel Information
El Bolson Travel Information

City Highlights
If Bariloche's fantastic skiing and adventurous sports aren't enough, the city itself is thriving with cultural dining, dancing, and shopping. There are several surrounding area museums, including Don Moises Private Museum and the First Settlers Museum, and a plethora of great restaurants and entertainment, all within a few blocks of your lodging.
Bariloche City Sights

Please see the transportation section of of this guide for more details on getting to and traveling near Bariloche.
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Bariloche Weather and Climate
Read about the climate in Bariloche along with average monthly temperatures and the current weather at this destination.
Bariloche Weather Information

Bariloche started out as a mountaineer's region and the great majority of its current 100,000 inhabitants are descendants of foreigners. Swiss, Germans, Austrians, and Italians came from Europe to settle in these beautiful surroundings and here they have stayed with their traditions and customs giving origin to most of the regional products that characterize Bariloche.

On a different note, Eric Priebke, an infomous Nazi, was discovered by the BBC of London in 1994 in Bariloche. Since then, Bariloche, and other parts of South America have been thought, rather deservingly, to be hideaways for many political refugees.

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