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Argentine Wine Varieties

Argentina has only recently become a world-renowned wine producer. Although the art form is relatively new to Argentina, the wines produced have left lasting impressions on enthusiasts everywhere. Here is the traveler's, and wine lover's, guide to the wines of Argentina.

The Reds:
Malbec: Malbec is the jewel of Argentine wines. Originally from the southwest of France, Malbec is the red wine that has adapted the best to Argentine soil, providing one of the most exceptional wines in the world.
Further Malbec Information

Cabernet Sauvignon: The king of red wines hails first from the Bordeaux wineries of France, and now is among the finest wines made in Argentina. The wine is full-bodied with rich currant flavors, but can be somewhat rough (due to high tannin levels) when young.
Best served with: beef and lamb dishes

Pinot Noir: This is one of the great reds, brought over from Burgundy in France, now well grown in the Alto Valle (High Valley) of the Rio Negro (Black River). The wine is more delicate than either Cabernet or Merlot, and often has strawberry and tea-leaf aromas and flavors.
Best served with: grilled salmon, roast chicken, and grilled lamb

Syrah: This wine, found predominantly in the Rodano Valley of San Juan province, is good for lengthy savoring. The wine is ideal for aging in casks, the casks giving it a wooden flavor. Berry and even leather aromas are often found in this wine.
Best served with: game meat, turkey, sausages and mustard sauces

Merlot: This wine is produced mostly in the Rio Negro region, and quickly maximizes the smoothness of its fruity aroma with any dish, a characteristic for which this wine is famous.
Best served with: juicy lamb or steak

The Whites:
Torrontes: Just like the Malbec wines, Torrontes wines have become the staple of Argentine wines enjoyed all over the world. Originally from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Torrontes has found an excellent place to grow in the Argentine provinces of Salta and Mendoza.
Further Torrontes Information

Chardonnay: This is one of the most favored wines in the world. Originally from Burgundy, this wine has adapted to a variety of environments across the globe. In Argentina, it is produced in many forms: from young and light, to the most complex and aged varieties.
Best served with: Seafood and cheeses such as goat cheese

Semillion: Similar to the popular Riesling wine but lesser known outside of Argentina, Semillion wines develop a sweet creamy taste when the grape's skin softens in hot conditions. This wine is found in the Valle de Uco in Mendoza and the High Valley of the Black River.

Sauvignon Blanc: This wine offers an herbal and citrus aroma, said to be more popular with experienced wine lovers because of its pronounced flavors with hints of smoky, green olive and herbaceous qualities. The wine ranges in style from light and dry to full and sweet.
Best served with: Seafood and cheeses such as goat cheese

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