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If you want to buy wine in Argentina, several options are available. Pick one that best fits your needs as a wine novice, enthusiast or aficionado.

Buying at the Airport
The end of your trip offers the chance to purchase your wine in the airport in one of the large wine shops. Many of the airport stores stock the wines of the country. Buying the wine here saves you the bulk of carrying the bottles throughout your trip.

Buying at the Store
In the center of Buenos Aires, smaller boutique wine stores are readily available. The reserve in these stores tends to showcase flourishing vineyards and may run a bit more expensive then usual, but still significantly cheaper then purchasing the same wine at home. The advantage of these shops is the personnel who take the time to share about each wine and answer any questions you may have as a client. Be aware that shipping from these stores will be costly. A better deal can be found in the local grocery stores where established wines are accessible and reasonably priced. You will have to carry your wine since shipping is not offered from the grocery stores.

Taking the Vineyard with You
Of course, you can always buy wine while visiting each particular vineyard. There may not be any special deals and cash is usually the only accepted currency. Yet, there is something special about bringing home some of your experience encased in an extraordinary vintage. While at the vineyard, spend time tasting the particular blends that each vineyard specializes in based on the crop. When you taste something amazing, purchase the bottle or even a case. The moment you open and drink the wine in your home memories will come back from a million miles away.

Things to Consider
Keep several things in mind when choosing your bottle of wine. Look out for bottles of wine that you find in basking in the sun. Check the wine bottle, paying particular attention to where the wine level is located; anything below the neck of the bottle is not a vino you should purchase. Pick a wine that you know has not been standing up over a long period of time. Make sure the cork presents as normal (not expanding or sticking out of the bottle).

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