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The main wine regions in Argentina are Mendoza and Cafayate. These regions produce the excellent Malbec and Torrontes wines that the country is most famous for. Beside these two popular regions, there are a number of other regions that produce excellent wine which are listed below.

This city is in Valles Templados region and close in proximity to the airport. Summertime offers warm days while winter is cold. The best time visit this region is in Spring when the temperate temperatures fill the day and night. Lakes surround the city giving tourists the opportunity to swim, fish, and sunbathe. Home to the northern most wineries, the high altitude adds an extraordinary flavor the wines.

On the way to Mendoza, take time to stop at Cordoba. This small city gives magnificent vistas while also offering a small town atmosphere. Gather in the center of the squares, visit the historical churches, and enjoy the local flavors of the food and wine. Visit the Estancia San Isidro which is home to most superb tasting wine around the area.

The province of Tucuman is full of history. Pre-Columbian ruins can be found near the wineries, adding a historical aspect to wine-tasting. Make sure to spend time in the Obispo Colombres House, the historical site of the signing of the Independence Declaration. Also known as the land of the sugar cane, Tucuman is alive with opportunities for hiking, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

La Rioja
Located at the bottom of Velasco Mountains, this region encompasses all types of terrain from rivers to valleys to majestic mountains. The climate is dry and hot, never going below 40 degrees in the winter months. Visiting the city offers an intersection of old and modern worlds, present in the low dwellings and historical buildings while the center of the city illustrates a contemporary perspective. The wines of Rioja are alive with the flavors of the territory. The vineyards and wine cellars are open for tourists and present the essence of all the local varietals.

San Rafael
Close to the Atuel and Diamante rivers, San Rafael is full of interesting landscape. You can visit the water and the mountains all within the regions limits. If wine is your thing, it is easy to taste the pleasures of the region by visiting the traditional wine cellars as well as the local vineyards. After enjoying the wines of the region, take time to play in the water, kayaking, rafting, or water skiing. Hit the mountains for hiking or a challenging bike trail.

San Fernando de Valle de Catamarca
Located at the north end of Argentina, Catamarca can be found at the base of Ambato Hill and next to the Del Valle river. The valley offers a calm atmosphere, with mild temperatures and surrounding mountains. An avid naturalist will come alive in this region as they bike, horseback riding, and hiking. Nestled among the traditional architecture, museums, red roofed residences, and sun baked patio porches invite tourists in for a taste of the Catamarca region. The wines of the region reflect the presence of land and climate, pleasing the palate with local taste and fragrance.

San Juan
San Juan can be found in the Cuyo section of Argentina. A valley encircled by mountains, temperatures can range between 33 and 64 degrees in the winter months while the summer temperature can reach 95 degrees. Since only a little rain falls each year, a dam and reservoir are part of the region. The dam even supplies the locals with electricity. The center of tourism for San Juan is in wine production. Over 60% of the agriculture is developed into the local varietals.

Rio Negro
As part of the Patagonia region, Rio Negro is part of the Great Valley corridor. Apples are the central export as well as the wine produced. Many of the wineries bring alive the different elements of the region. The soil of the desert adds an extraordinary characteristic to the wine while the sun enhances the flavor. Make sure to visit the wineries Vinedos Agrestis and Humberto Canale. Both offer unique perspectives into the wine and land of Rio Negro.

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