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History of Argentine Wine

The wines of Argentina have a history that has grown through the years beginning in the mid-16th century. A Chilean friar first brought wine into Argentina via a cutting. As he nurtured the seedlings, wine-making in Argentina began to morph and evolve leading to the origin of two important wine regions: Mendoza and Cuyo in the years of 1561 and 1562. To further the wine development in these areas, vine cuttings were imported from Santiago del Estero, an Argentine city.

The 19th century opened another venue of wine-making with the arrival of European settlers. The presence of the French, Italians, and Spaniards added another flavor to the developing Argentine wine. The economic implication of the newly constructed railroad in 1885 was the ease of transporting wine from the wine-making regions to the cities and other areas of Argentina.

As the demand for wine increased, the satisfaction for a great taste also grew. With the presence of wine innovator Tuburcio Benegas, a new taste was on the horizon. Benegas's genius brought the masterful formulas to wine-making enhancing the Argentina vino with the French varieties of Burgundy and Bordeaux. These wines were in harmony with the juicy Argentina meats, aplenty in these South American localities.

By the 1970s, most of the wine produced in Argentina was common table wine, continuing with the trend to accompany the Argentinean meats. At the same time, policy regarding the agriculture of vineyards did not exist, causing many of the farms to overlook superiority for magnitude. This lead to decline in the wines since a poor wine was a not welcomed into the Argentine cuisine. In order to improve the quality of the wine, these vines had to eliminated and new plants sowed. The new plants, along with the goal of excellence in wine-making, Argentine wine took on another appearance - one of first-class taste, exceptional color, and unique flair.

Although wine-making in Argentina maintained a small profile until the 1980s, local wine production has over a 300 year history. Inspired by the triumph of both California and Australian wines, Argentina began to export their creations to an international audience.

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