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   Bodega Colome
Colome Winery in Cafayate, Argentina Colome, a local Salta winery, specializes in malbec and cabernet sauvignon. Known as the highest and oldest vineyard in the area, the majority of the vines produce malbec grapes. Since 1831, Colome has been mixing varietals, eventually creating the wine known as Amalaya. This is a wine that can be part of everyday life, enjoyed alongside lunch or dinner. Recently, this winery was taken over by the Hess Group Switzerland (who leads successful vineyards in California, down under in Australia, and in the region of South Africa.

Historically, Colome has a rich record. Originally it was cultivated by the indigenous people of the region who spoke Kakan. When the Incas arrived in the 1400s, the language changed to Quechua. A conflict of power began between the entering Spanish and the natives, leading to a trade between the Spanish and the Indians. This exchange initiated the birth of wine in this region since the Spanish gave the Indians vines as gift for the work they had completed. Thus, wine-making commenced in Colome.
Ruta Provincial 53 Km 20
Molinos 4419
Tel: +54(0)3868 49 40 44

   Bodega Etchart
Bodega Etchart in Cafayate, Argentina Enjoying Torrontes wine is only part of visiting Bodega Etchart. This winery was built in the mid-1800s and produces not only Torrontes but also Malbec, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Important to the growth of the grapes, the climate is arid and temperatures vary between day and night. This winery calls the Calchaquies Valley home and occupies over 700 miles of land. Although housed in a historic colonial warehouse, modern technology runs a successful wine-making process. Bodega Etchart wines enjoy an international reputation, infusing its tastes, varietals, and excellence across the world.
Ruta Nacional 40 Km 1947
Tel: +54(0)3868 42 1310

   Finca Las Nubes
This small winery lives at the bottom San Isidro Hill with over 10,000 grape vines surrounding the property. Owned by the Mounier family, a visit to this vineyard includes seeing the Andean spring and visiting the guest house complete with cheese, wine, and sausages. The proprietors are hands-on and really know their land so taking the time to talk with them will only improve your own wine understandings.

The grapes are fermented using large sinks and then placed in oak barrels. During the stay in the oak barreks, the wine develops color, aroma, and firmness, producing lovely varietals. Over half of the wine is Malbec while Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannet also add to the winery's success. Finca Las Nubes is just beginning to export to the United States and Brazil so keep your eye out for this Salta region specialty in your local market.
Catamarca 50
4427 Cafayate
Tel: (03868) 422129

   Bodega Domingo Hermanos
Domingo Hermanos Winery in Cafayate, Argentina If you want to spend a full day at one winery, this is the place to choose. Bodega Domingo Hermanos offers a several perspectives into wine-making and the locale. Visiting the Tolombon presents a restored building complete with representative vines and crops. Next on your tour is the country home of the owners, Osvaldo Domingo and his family. Close in proximity is a tiny aboriginal village, open for exploration. The vineryards named La Vina are a spectacle as a large red sandstone wall adds ambiance to the many vines.

Stop by the adobe house in La Vina where you can grab a bite to eat, often feasting on the local fares of goat. Enjoy a glass of the winery's production which includes Malbec, Torrentes, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a blend of Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon.
Nuestra Senora del Rosario y 25 de Mayo
4427 Cafayate
Tel: (03868) 421386

   Bodegas El Porvenir
Bodega Porvenir Winery in Cafayate, Argentina Entering into this winery is like stepping into history. Housed in a renovated building, Bodegas El Porvenir dates back to 1850. Recent owners Luis Asmet produces a Torrentes and Malbec out of the grapes of the vineyard. With over 100 acres of vines, the varietals are rich and alive infused with the history and terrain of the area. The winery has just began to export its product to Uruguay and expect to find it on the shelves in the United States soon. Although the winery is not currently open to visitors, it will soon be welcoming everyone through its doors.
Cordoba 32
4427 Cafayate
Tel/Fax: (03868) 422007

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