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The pleasant town square at Cafayate, central to the Salta wine region of Argentina The community of Cafayate, located approximately 110 miles from the city of Salta in the Salta region, celebrates wine in the many vineyards open for tasting. Each vineyard has a distinctive style based on the owner, architecture, and wine specialty.

The Town of Cafayate
Cafayate boasts a small town square complete with a tourist center and coffee shops. Visit the tourist center to get information about the local wineries, schedules, and related activities. Most wineries open for the public are free. Enter the coffee shops and listen. These social spots are a common gathering place for the local winemakers to share ideas, challenges, and innovations based on their own experiences. The Museum of Wine is also present in the town of Cafayate. A visit to this museum (provides you with a background of winemaking in this region. The museum includes the historical roots of wine including the arrival of the vines from France and overall culture of wine. With a basic understanding of the local wine story, the taste of the wine will be much sweeter.

Beautiful grapes grow in Argentina Weather and Wine
The sunshine and temperature both add to the successful maturity of each wine crop. Most of the year is complete with sunny days and mild temperatures. Throughout each day and night, the temperature fluctuates between 35 degrees, encouraging the grapes to develop a powerful and unique taste evident in the wines. In addition, the small amount of rain provides enough water to satisfy the grapes but not too much so that the grapes become oversized. All of these elements contribute to triumphant wine varieties including Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Chardonnay, and Syrah.

The unforgettable Estancia Colome in Salta Where to Stay
There are a number of hotels in Cafayate. A few hours away, the estate of Estancia Colome is located in the Calchaqui Valley. Some of the oldest wines find a home in this vineyard resort. Architecture at the Estancia Colome borrows from the Mediterranean tradition and collaborates with the natural wonders of nature. Take in the swimming, dinner, and a spa while tasting a bit of history in the wine that originated from France in mid 1800s. Tours are available, complete with guides sharing the historical and current wine-making practices.

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