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Argentina Wine - Norton Novices and experts come and pleasure your palate with the taste of Argentina wine. The wine-making regions of Argentina are full of sunshine and temperate weather making the perfect paradise for wine, relaxation, and memory making.

The wine guide on these pages encompasses all you need to know to visit the wine country of Argentina. Information includes a map, wine regions, wineries, and wine vocabulary. If you want a taste of wine while at home, check out the resources including how to bring a favorite varietal home, finding wine at your local markets, and other related information.

Wine Varieties in Argentina
A number of great wines are grown to perfection in Argentina. Learn about each variety in this section of the Argentine Wine Guide.

Wine Regions of Argentina
There are a number of excellent wine producing regions in Argentina. The most popular regions to visit are the Mendoza and the Salta and Cafayate wine regions. Take a look at the other regions on the map below.
Mendoza Wine Region
Salta and Cafayate Wine Region
Other Wine Regions

Map of Wine Regions
Wine and Argentina are coming together in a successful partnership, creating a place for wine lovers to taste extraordinary varietals. Check the map below for a listing of all the wine areas within Argentina. Visit the Salta and Cafayate regions for the flavor of Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Chardonnay, and Syrah. Mendoza offers the Vendimia Festival, a week-long revelry in tasting and wine history. The other regions boast local wineries and intimate wine-tasting settings.

The different wine regions in Argentina

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